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Eclipse Concept Jet (ECJ)

The prototype of the four-seater Eclipse 400 was unveiled on 23 July 2007 at AirVenture as the Eclipse Concept Jet (ECJ).

The ECJ was equipped with a Pratt & Whitney PW610F turbojet engine mounted above the fuselage and a V-tail. To reduce development and manufacturing the prototype aircraft has 60% parts commonality with its larger Eclipse 500 sibling.

It was built in complete secrecy by Swift Engineering. Swift Engineering was commissioned to design and build a single engine business jet in 200 days to first flight. This included conceptual design, sizing, vehicle architecting, analysis (CFD, FEA), detailed design, and wind-tunnel testing . All of the design, including interiors was completed at Swift’s state of the art design studio in San Clemente, California. All the composite tooling and parts were also fabricated and assembled in San Clemente at Swift’s Advanced Composite Manufacturing Center.

Eclipse Aviation finally decided in 2008 to produce the aircraft under the name Eclipse 400

Deliveries were planed to start in 2011. The project was canceled when Eclipse Aviation went bankrupt on November 25, 2008.  

The unique copy of the Eclipse Concept Jet is now owned by Eclipse Aerospace, which produces the Eclipse 550, an improved version of the Eclipse 500. The company is not currently planning to produce the Eclipse 400.