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The ASH 25 is a two-seater high performance Open Class glider manufactured by Alexander Schleicher until September 2008, originally with a 25 metre wingspan.

Designer Martin Heide (the 'H' in the type designation) combined the wing of the World Championship winning single-seater Schleicher ASW 22 with a fuselage derived from the Akaflieg Stuttgart FS-31 which had particularly low drag.

The prototype was designated 'AS 22-2'. The span was increased in later versions to 25.6 or 26 metres with winglets. A 'turbo' version was also developed, the ASH 25E, followed by the self-launching ASH 25Mi with a large retractable propeller and a Wankel engine. In 2010 an Australian ASH 25Mi was converted to be powered by two jet engines, under the power of which it is capable of launching. 

Paul Mander's Jet Powered ASH-25

Cette version d'un planeur équipé de 2 moteurs AMT nous vient d'Australie. Elle est due à  Paul Mander, qui a modifié son ASH-25 (immatriculation "VH-GOA") en y adaptant un dispositif rétractable supportant les 2 turbo réacteurs. Le premier vol se situe en 2010.


Les différentes vidéo de cet appareil disponible sur internet montre que l'appareil est capable de décoller de ses propres moyens.

Any informations are welcome ...