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Pratt & Whitney Canada PW610F

Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) created the PW610F engine specifically for the Eclipse 500. The PW610F turbofans are a new generation of high-bypass turbofans, flat rated at 900 pounds of takeoff thrust. PW610Fs are also exceptionally quiet engines that meet current Stage 3 noise requirements, and will easily meet upcoming Stage 4 standards.


ModelPW610F      PW610F-A
Power900 lbf950 lbf
Diameter  14"14"


Eclipse 500


Test run

The PW610F achieved its rated takeoff thrust of 900 pounds after only five hours during the test run, which took place May 4, 2004.

First Flight

The first flight of the PW610F engine took placeDecember 16, 2004 (on P&WC's Boeing 720 flying test bed). During the 6-hour flight, a number of tests were performed, including performance characterization and an altitude re-light. The PW610F had previously completed more than 500 hours of ground testing.