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Eclipse 500

The first test Eclipse 500 aircraft made its maiden flight in August 2002, with Williams EJ22 engines.

In November 2002, Eclipse Aviation decided to replace the engines and aircraft were equipped with Pratt & Whitney Canada PWC 610F-A engines. The first flight with the new engines was on 31 December 2004.

The Eclipse 500 was FAA certified on 30 September 2006, and the first customer was delivered early JKanuary 2007.


Length    33 ft 1in
Heigh11 ft
Wingspan 37 ft 3 in
Seats 5-6 Including cockpit
Cabin length 12 ft 4 in
Cabin width 4 ft 8 in
Cabin height4 ft 2 in
Empty weight 3,390 lb
Max ramp weight 5,680 lb
Max gross weight5,680 lb
Useful load2,250 lb
Payload w/full fuel 710 lb
Max takeoff weight 5,640 lb
Max landing weight5,360 lb
Fuel capacity 230 ga (1,540 lb)



Rate of climb2,990 fpm sea level
Single-engine ROC888 fpm sea level
Max cruise speed 375 KTAS
Range1,280 nm NBAA IFR
Range >1,395 nm 45-min. reserve 
Max operating altitude41,000 ft
Single-engine service ceiling25,000 ft
Landing distance2,040 ft Ground roll
Limiting & RecommendedAirspeeds
VFE (max flap extended)250 KIAS
VLE (max gear extended)285 KIAS
VLO (max gear operating)250 KIAS
VMO/MMO285 KIAS Mach 0,64
VSO67 KIAS Stall, in landing conf.