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2.BD-5J - FLS Microjet 
The first Microjet built from a FLS kit, and having flown, was Justin LEWIS's N60LC (Oklahoma City, USA). The construction was conducted between 2003 and 2010. Due to the complexity of the… 
3.Cricri Jet - PBS 
Cricri Jet MC-15J This Cricri Jet was built by Sakkie van Heerden and Dawie Botes, two South africans engineers living in Perth, Australia. The first flight was September 22,… 
4.Project COPPELIA 
Coppelia Project Primarily intended for the 1953 England-New Zealand Race, and conforming to the F.A.I. Light Aircraft 5th Category (weight 3,000-4,500 kg), the Coppelia racing aircraft,… 
5.Armstrong-Siddley - Adder 
Thus, although the Adder found no commercial application, it proved to be a valuable point on the learning curve and the designers went on to develop the Viper turbojet. Adder Turbojet… 
6.BD-5J - Cougar 
BD-5J Microjet BD-5J Microjet - N3038V This BD-5J was almost completely built by Quentin Campbell of Canberra, Australia. This location may explain the use of a Microturbo Cougar turbojet engine,… 
7.CMC Leopard I 
CMC Leopard I Mr Ian Chichester-Miles, formerly Chief Research engineer of British Aerospace Aircraft Division at Hatfield, Hertfordshire, established Chichester-Miles Consultants (CMC) to develop… 
8.AMT Lynx 
The AMT Lynx is a direct spin-off of the Nike engine. The engine is constructed around a single radial compressor wheel and an axial flow turbine stage.  
9.Cricri jet - Cobra 
The MC15J cricri jet made its first flight from Rennes Saint-Jacques Airport (LFRN) on Thursday 31 July 1997, piloted by Yves Duval.  
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