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JSP Project

The JSP Project was based on Pier Luigi Baldacchini Design and Corivi team works (Italian builders of the Vulcan C-100). The idea was to developp a little jet using the "aerodinamics" of the Vulcan, and based on DGEN-380.

The unavailability in 2008 of this reliable small turbofan has blocked such dream. 

The design specification of the JSP should be

  • Alluminium easy construction (like the Vulcan) also to be available in kit for homebuilders
  • 2 confortable seats in tandem
  • Op. Empty Weight not above 350kg 
  • Design MTOW 650kg
  • Ultimate Load Factors +6g -3g
  • Wing airfoil NACA 4415 (like the Vulcan)
  • Stall speed landing configuration 65-70 kmh
  • Cruising speed not above 330 kmh
  • Take-off & landing roll in the range of 200 mt
  • Total time to build from kit 1500 hours