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Prue 215A - Mamba Jet

Mr Max Dreher, un ingénieur en aéronautique, a étudié et construit toute une série de petits turboréacteur entre 1952 et 1976. Il a monté l'un d'entre eux, plus connu sous l'appellation TJD-76 Baby Mamba, sur le dos du fuselage de son planeur Prue 215A.

The Prue 215 is an American high-wing, V-tailed, single-seat glider that was designed by Irving Prue in 1949. It is an all-metal design with a short 40 ft (12.2 m) wing with a relatively high aspect ratio of 20:1. The wing uses a NACA 23012 airfoil at the wing root, becoming a NACA 8318 at the wing tip. Airfoil-shaped flaps are mounted below and behind the wing for glidepath control. The aircraft uses a retractable monowheel landing gear

Three Prue 215s were built, all as amateur-builts from plans. The initial one was Prue's prototype. The second one was built by Ed Minghelli and later owned by Max Dreher, who mounted a jet engine on it. The second and third built are designated 215A

After initial running on the test stand, Max DREHER installed the engine on his Prue 215 sailplane. To do this he designed a jet pack consisting of the engine, the pressurized fuel system and the lubrication unit. the total weight of this first pack was 25  pounds. An auxiliary oil tank is mounted separately and employs an electrical driven gear pump.

A third unit, the jet control pack (engine controls, instruments, switches) is located in the cockpit.

Caractéristiques Prue-215 Jet

ConstructeurIrvin Prue & Max Dreher
TypePlaneur à dispositif d'envol incorporé
1er vol 
Nb. construits1


MoteurDreherTJD 76C
Poussée unitaire  245 N55 lbs


Envergure12,00 m40,00 ft
Longueurm ft
Hauteurm ft
Surface alaire8,36 m²90.0 ft²


A videkglb
Equipage kg lb
Carburant & huile kg lb
Maximale kglb


Vitesse maximum km/hmph
Vitesse de croisièrekm/hmph
Vitesse ascensionnellem/minft/min
Plafond pratiquemft
Vitesse d'atterrissagekm/hmph
distance de décollagemyds