Potez 94 / CM173 Super Magister

As a private venture, Potez had finally built and flown the CM173 Super Magister, in order to provide a modernized trainer as a follow-on and replacement for air forces already using the CM-170

Potez 94
Potez 94. Source : Collection Philippe Bezard

Main innovations was the Martin-Baker/Hispano ejection seats set in a new canopy giving improved view and lower drag. Radio equipment was modernized in line with modern requirements, fuel tankage were increased from 965 l to 1200 l and the ailerons combine the large area and powered control which were alternatives in the older Magisters. Apart from these improvements, the company stated that the structures of the CM-170 and CM-173 Magister was interchangeable. 

The aircraft was equipped with 2 Turbomeca Marbore VI turbojet engines

The prototype Super Magister made its first flight at Toulouse on 8 June 1964, with test pilot Jacques Grangette at the controls and Pierre Caneill as a flight test engineer. 

CM-173 name was consistent with those used by Castello-Mauboussin. 

The aircraft was later upgraded and renamed Potez 94.

Potez 94, plan 3 vues
Potez CM173, Super magister
Potez CM173, Super magister. Source : Jane’s all the world’s aircraft 1966.
Potez 94
Potez 94. Source : Flight, November 16 1964

Appareil Produit

Potez 94 – Source : Sébastien Bocé

Un seul appareil a été produit, et immatriculé F-ZWWL. Il est actuellement préservé, démonté, dans les réserves du Musée de l’Air et de l’Espace du Bourget.