Williams FJX-1

Williams FJX-1, du Midland Air Museum (ceux du CMC Leopard II)

On December 16, 1996, Williams International received a $37.5 million matching grant contract from NASA under its General Aviation Program (GAP). The GAP’s objective was for Williams to develop a small, ligth weight, ultra quiet, and fuel-efficient turbofan engine for four- to -six passengers, single- and twin-engine general aviation aircraft crusing at 200 knots or better.

A 550 lb thrust, low-bypass ratio turbofan, designated FJX-1, was developed as an interim power plant.


CMC Leopard II

The 001 prototype featured two low-power NPT301 turbojets from Noel Penney Turbines (NPT) Ltd. in Coventry, England. The converted missile engines were intended solely for the 001, and NPT was slated to develop new...