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Turboréacteur K310G

Kingtech is a small turbine jet engine manufacturer, producing engines for high end remote controlled aircraft models and unmanned air systems.

Kingtech entered the market in 2009 after four years of development process. With experience accumulated over the years, Kingtech is able to develop, manufacture, sale and provide services to their products independently, with full IP and technology ownerships.

KingTech K310G

Initial testing
TypeCentrifugal-flow turbojet
Nb. built


Diameter132,5 mm5.21 in.
Length270,0 mm10.63 in.


Not equippedglb
Equipped2700 g5.95 lb

Performance Ratings

Max RPM103,000 rpm
Idle RPM30,000 rpm  
Thrust at Max304 N69 lb
Thrust at Idle Nlb
Pressure ratio / 1
Max Flow N/s

Fuel Consumptions

At max RPM0,136 kg/N/hr50 fl oz/N/hr
At Idle RPMkg/N/hrfl oz/N/hr