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Microturbo Eclair

The initial Microturbo product offering was the "Noelle" starter turbine, which led to a number of starter / APUs such as the "Emeraude", "Espadon", and "Saphir".

The Emeraude led to the company's first turbojet, the small and rock-simple "Eclair", intended for self-launching sailplanes.

Based on the gas generator section of the Microturbo Emeraude starter and APU for Concorde prototypes, the Eclair is an ultra-small single-shaft turbojet designed to power pilot-less drones and for use in sailplanes.It provide thrust for take-off and climb to altitude.

The engine is also capable of in-flight starting to provide powered flight in an emergency. Initial installation was in the Fauvel Aile Volante AV 45-01R single-seat tailless self-launching sailplane which first flew with the Eclair 012-01 in late 1967. 

Caractéristiques du Microturbo Eclair

1er essais1967
TypeTurboréacteur à simple flux
Nb. construits


Hauteur312 mm12.7 in.
Largeur avec accessoires 501 mm19.9 in.
Longueur501 mm14.7 in.


Non équipé kg lbs
Equipé38 kg77 lbs


Régime Maximum47 000 t/mn47,000 rpm
Régime au ralenti t/mnrpm
Puissance max80 kgp175 lb
Puissance au ralentikgplb
Taux de compression/ 1
Débit d'air max.g/slbs/sec
Température max cont.deg.Cdef.F


Consommation90 kg/h198 lb/h
Consommation spécifique