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Microturbo Cougar 022

This single-shaft turbojet was developed as a power plant for small aicraft and RPVs. The 022 version powers the Australain GAF Turana target drone.

The installed engine, which incorporates only the equipement needed for flight, was designed to withstand the high mechanical and thermal stresses improved by accelerated launch, telemetered shutdown and subsequent immersion in sea-water. Equipement for defuelling, refurbishing, refuelling, starting, ground running and pre-flight checkout is all accomodated in an associated servicing rig connected via an umbilical which is disconnected immediatly prior to flight. Starting is accomplished by an air-equipement nozzle integral with the engine impeller shroud, the air supply being controlled from the service rig. 

Caractéristiques du Cougar

ConstructeurSERMEL puis MICROTURBO
1er essais1975
TypeTurboréacteur à simple flux
Nb. construits 


Largeur282 mm0.93 ft
Hauteur386 mm1.27 ft
Longueur668 mm2.19 ft
Longueur avec démarreur853 mm2.80 ft


Non équipé26,5 kg 54.4 lbs
Equipé28.3 kg 62.4 lbs


Régime maximum48 500 t/mn (rpm)
Régime au ralenti28 500 t/mn (rpm)
Puissance max1000 N225 lb
Puissance max continu790 N178 lb
Puissance au ralenti138 N31 lb
Taux de compression  
Débit d'air max.g/slbs/sec
Température max cont.deg.Cdef.F


Consommation gr/min oz/min
Consommation spécifique35,4 mg/N/s1.25 lb/lb/h