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AMT Lynx

The lynx is a direct "spin-off" of the successful Nike engine. The engine is constructed around a single, fully in house CNC machined, radial compressor wheel and an axial flow turbine stage. The Lynx engine owns most of its excellent performance and power/weight ratio because of its revolutionary design diffuser stage similar to the Nike engine.

Starting system.

The Lynx engine is manufactured with an dual internal igniter system which allows a relaiable fully automatic start.

Starting method : Direct kerosene starting gasturbine.


A other feature used within the Lynx engine are the 2 internal EGT sensors, these 2 induvidual monitored EGT sensors (both a real Tt5) have both a small diameter of 1.5 mm, because of this small diameter there is a fast EGT response time possible. The result of this fast EGT response time is a short start up time of less than 45 seconds.

Caractéristiques AMT Lynx

TypeTurboréacteur à simple flux
Nb. construits 


Diamètre261,4 mm10.3 in.
Longueur700 mm27.6 in.


Non équipé21 450 g47.20 lb
Equipé25 650 g56.55 lb


Régime Maximum46 000 t/mn46,000 rpm
Régime au ralenti t/mnrpm
Puissance max>1569 N>352,0 lbf
Puissance au ralenti75 N16.9 lbf
Taux de compression4:1 
Débit d'air max.2500 g/s5.51 lb/sec
Température max cont.850 deg.C1562 def.F


Consommation3400 gr/min127 oz/min
Consommation spécifique38,24 gr(KN*sec)1.35 lb(lb*hr)


This engine will find its use in large UAV high speed target drone applications, experimental aircraft, universities, sound studies, full size gliders and many more applications.