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Curtiss C-46 Commando

Turbomeca Palas turbojet assist engine is shown mounted on the wing of a Lloyd Aero Colombiano C-46. This was the first time an installation of this type has been made for passenger service by a U.S. modification base. L.B. Smith Aicraft Corp., Miami. did the job. The turbojet flush intake nacelle was developped by the French firm, SNCASO. to prevent engine's compressor from windmilling in flight. L.B. Smith converted (at least) three C-46 for the intra-Colombian airline.

The assist units, together with the plane's regular P&WA R2800 engines gave the C-46 a total of 2,400 hp. for takeoff at 8.200,ft.-high Bogota, Lloyd's headquarter's in Colombia.