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Aerobatic Jet Sailplane

The project was initiated in August 2012 after a phone talk between Andrey Platygin (Advanced Design Alliance) and Eugene Zakharenkov (SnapRoll Aero)  with a goal to build the fastest in the world unlimited aerobatics self-launching glider.

The glider features carbon fiber composite structures, symmetrical wing airfoil, jet engine H250 of Jetbeetle, 60l fuel capacity.

Preliminary data sheet

Never Exceed Speed Vne, km/h (knots)460 (250)
L/D Ratio (expected)30
Roll Rate, deg/s100
Engine Max TO Thrust, kg (lbs)125 (275)
Engine Max Continuos Thrust, kg (lbs)113 (250)
Limit Load Factor+10/-10
Length, m6,40
Height, m1,80
Span, m11
Wing Area, sqm9,40
Weights - MTOW, kg540
Primary Structures MaterialsCarbon Fiber Composites

All materials published here, are with the courtesy of ADA. You can access an updated information on their website :