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Price Induction DGEN 380/390

The DGEN program was started in 1996 to revolutionize the world of general aviation with a first high bypass ratio turbofan optimized for private pilots' flight domain and budget.

The DGEN engine family represents the world’s smallest turbofan. It is intended for 4-5 seat twin-engine VLJ flying under 25,000 ft and Mach 0.35. The DGEN is designed with easy integration and maintainability, low fuel consumption and low noise level. The engine control unit as well as the oil & fuel equipment is fully integrated around the engine and controlled by FADEC (Full-Authority Digital Engine Control). A starter-generator device is integrated on the high-pressure spool and allows for the electrical start of the engine before switching to generation mode. The main advantages are an easy and reliable control for the pilot, simplified maintenance and a reduced overall weight. This concept also allows for a continuous engine health and aging monitoring.

DGEN-380 tecnical data

Initial testing
TypeTurbofan Engine
Nb. built


Diameter469 mm18.46 in.
Lenth1126 mm44.33 in.


Not equipped kg lb
Equipped80 kg176 lb


Max RPM t/mnrpm
Max Idle t/mnrpm
Thrust at max255 daN570 lbf
Thrust at max continu107 daN240 lbf
Thrust at idle
Pressure ratio at max / 1
Max flowkg/slb/sec
Max continue EGTdeg.Cdef.F


Fuel Consumption gr/min oz/min
Specific fuel consumption0.78kg/Kg/h lb/lb/hr)

Price Induction DGEN-380, Paris Air Show 2011