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Teledyne CAE F408-CA-400 (Model 382-10)

F408 was developed for such UAVs as the Ryan BQM-145A Peregrine, aerial targets, standoff and cruise missiles in the 4.45 kN (1,000 lb) thrust class. Teledyne Continental Model number was 382-10.

F408 had been also used on the Eclipse 500 prototype.

Development began in 1985.

Its classification was "Bypass turbojet" with a ratio about 0.25. 

The engine had a fan stage followed by a mixed-flow compressor, slinger type combustor, and a single-stage turbine. The compressor and fan design drew on CAE's earlier advanced technology  work, while the turbine was similar to that used in Model 373-8B. A major purpose of the bypass feature was to cool the engine skin, which greatly simplified missile engine installation. 

The engine first run in 1989.

Source : The history of North American small gas turbine aircraft engine. Richard A. Leyes II and William A. Fleming 

F408 Technical data

ManufacturerTeledyn CAE
Initial testing1986-87
TypeBypass turbojet
Nb. built 


Diameter335 mm13,2 in.
Lenth815 mm32.1 in.
Frantal area0,42 m²4,52 sq ft


Not equipped65,8 kg143.30 lb
Equipped kglb


Max RPM42 000 t/mn42,000 rpm
Max Idle t/mnrpm
Thrust at max453 kg4444 N
Thrust at idle  
Pressure ratio at max  
Max flow7,36 kg/s16.22 lb/sec
Max continue EGT1039 deg.Cdef.F


Fuel Consumption  
Specific fuel consumption0.099 Kg/N-hr