We began our research on Minijet's story in 1990. It's not, and will be probably never exhaustive. On the other hand it can be largely supplemented by your assistance.

If you identify an error, an inaccuracy, have information, anecdotes, photos... Do not hesitate to contact us. We will publish them  and we will give you all the credit.

A passion

When you have a hobby, you often want to share it with others. It is our case with Minijets.

Our elders were thinking minijet as an aero club aircraft, when today we think more Ultra-lights.

Back to history, despite first successful testings in the Fifties, Minijets were more costly to operate when compare to other aircraft and therefore have rarely been built in series

But, history repeats itself, says the common saying, again confirmed by the fact that, in recent years, Minijet propusion have been rediscovered (powered gliders, BD5J, Subsonex, ...).


If the term Minijet was used for the first time in 1950 (to name commercially the SIPA 200) our objective when creating this Website was only to use it to present aircraft propelled by low power jet engines.

We have therefore no willingness to propose an engine classification that would depend on the thrust. If we have to propose one, in agreement with Horace T.L.Ho (JetBeetle), we would use the Mini and Small classes described by Arun K. Sehra and Jaiwon Shin in their article published in 2003: