FLS Microjet


FLS Microjet

The FLS Microjet (Flight-Line-Series) is an improved version of the BD-5J. It was designed and is marketed as a kit by BD-Micro Technologies (BMT). Most of the components are in accordance with the original Bede specifications but many enhancements have been made by BMT. The first kit to fly was the Justin Lewis kit, built by L.D Jeffries. Justin Lewis, construit par L.D Jeffries.

FLS Microjet
Justin Lewis's FLS. Image courtesy of Justin Lewis.
FLS Microjet
Justin Lewis's FLS (BD-5J) N60LC. Source : Copperstate meeting in Casa Grande (Arizona), October 22, 2011. Image courtesy of John B Meyer.


The propulsion system was specifically designed for the FLS. It is built around a PBS TJ-100 engine in its 265 lb thrust version. This compact, lightweight turbojet engine, integrating a modern FADEC, offers a good power-to-weight ratio. This integration, called Quantum Turbine Powerplant System, was done with the help of PBS, which allowed the development of several features related to the safety of the engine. With the FLS Microjet, the PBS TJ-100 is an interesting alternative to the old Microturbo TRS-18.

Justin Lewis's FLS N60LC. Photo taken on July 3, 2011 at Tyler Pounds Field Airport, TX, USA. Source : Image courtesy of Dave Stubbington
The glass cockpit is fully interactive with the HOTAS controls and improves situational awareness while reducing pilot workload. Source : With courtesy of Justin Lewis
Justin Lewis's FLS N60LC. Source: Copperstate meeting in Casa Grande, Arizona, October 22, 2011, Image courtesy of photographer Zdenek Kaspar.


Justin Lewis's FLS. Image courtesy of Justin Lewis.

N60LC #001

In July 2011, the Lewis & Clark Performance team was formed to promote the Microjet FLS in meetings.

US Navy pilots Justin Lewis and Tom Lunsford demonstrate the high performance and aerobatic capabilities of their aircraft at the US Airshow circuit.

Stefan Maldonado's FLS microjet N78FS

N78FS #006

This Microjet is serial number 6. Stefan Maldonado is its builder, pilot and owner. It was built in one year by Stefan, under BD-Micro Technologies assistance.   

The first flight took place in September 2013. The pilot training was conducted under the supervision of Justin Lewis.

Bernard J Gamache's FLS Microjet N358BV, Air Venture 2018. Source & copyright : with courtesy of the photographer Dave Haines.

N358BV #007

This Microjet is serial number 7. Bernard J Gamache is its builder, and the owner is Lupa Linn Adventures LLC (Yakima, Washington).

The first flight took place in 2016/2017. The aircraft was present at Air Venture 2018. He was one of the  Lindy Award winners in the Kit Outstanding Workmanship category

L.D. Jeffries's FLS MicroJet N456LD, Clow International Airport, Illinois, June 2, 2018. Source & copyright : with the courtesy of the photographer Chad Horwedel.

N456LD #008

This aircraft is Serial number #8 in the series and was built by L. D. Jeffries with the help and on-site support of the BD-Micro support team.  

The first flight, took place on April 24, 2017, with Justin Lewis at the controls.  

L.D. Jeffries and his Microjet named "Lil Devill" flew for the first time together at the end of June 2017.  Now he use the aircraft for performing in air shows across North America

Notes and references

Justin LEWIS

Born in Texas and raised in Virginia, Lewis started flying at age 14, and received his pilot’s license at 17. In 1999, he graduated from the University of North Dakota with a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Studies, a Multi-Engine Commercial Pilot Certificate and a Flight Instructor Certificate.

He built experience as a flight instructor for several years until he left for Navy Officer Candidate School. Upon completion of Navy flight school, Lewis was recognized as the top graduating tactical jet aviator in 2001. He was assigned the F-14D Tomcat and in 2004, he transitioned to the E-6B Mercury (a Boeing 707 variant).

In 2007, he was assigned to train the next generation of Navy fighter and aircraft carrier pilots in the T-45 Goshawk. Today, Lewis is a certified airline transport pilot and currently flying the MC-12 through the Air National Guard.