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Cricri Jet MC-15J

This Cricri Jet was built by Sakkie van Heerden and Dawie Botes, two South africans engineers living in Perth, Australia. The first flight was September 22, 2015. 

General Overview

Fuel tanks

  • one  23 liters fuselage tank.
  • two 10 liters wingtip tanks.

Landing gear

  • Principal:
    • Composite blade.
    • Total stroke: 160 mm.
    • Tire pressure: 1.8 bar
  • Forward:
    • Telescopic with elastic suspension.
    • Total stroke: 130 mm.
    • Wheel interlocked with the rudder bar:
    • Tire pressure: 0.8 bar.

Controls and cabin equipment

  • Elevator control system:
    • Central stick.
    • Artificial stress from rubber bands.
    • Trim on the right side.
  • Aileron control:
    • Artificial stress from rubber bands.
    • Trim on the rear surface of the stick.
  • Rudder control:
    • Adjustment in flight.
    • Artificial stress from rubber bands.
  • Flaps:
    • Control on the left side.
    • Three positions: cruising, take-off and landing.
  • Engine contacts:
    • left side.
  • Brakes:
    • Drum brakes with cables on the main wheels.
    • Central brake grip on the stick.
  • Ventilation:
    • 2 scoops at the bottom of the fuselage in front of frame 4.

Cricri MJ-15J Technical data

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Colomban MC-15 Cricri

DesignerMichel Colomban
TypeSport aircraft
First flight1973
Nb. built>150 
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EnginePBS TJ-20A
Unit thrust 210 N47.2 lbst
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MC-15J Cricri Jet

DesignersSakkie van Heerden
 Dawie Botes
TypeJet sport aircraft
First flight22.09.2015
Nb. built1


Span5,3 m17.39 ft
Length3,9 m9.84 ft
Height1,20 m3.94 ft
Wings area3.4 m²32.3 ft²
Aspect ratio8.5 


Empty82,6 kg180.8 lb
Fuel and oil43 lg11.36 US gal
Loaded 200 kg441 lb
Wing loadingkg/m²lb/sq ft


Vne - Max speed260 km/h14o kts
Va - Max. man. speed185 km/h100 kts
Climbing speed m/s ft/min
Service ceilingmft
Range  kmmiles
Stall speed km/hmph
Take-off distance (15m) myds
  • Quick assembly and disassembly of the wings using the two main pins, 4 secondary pins and 2 rod ends located on opposite sides of the cabin at wing level.

List of the MC15J Cricri Jet known

Mini M C15 J Duval


Yves DUVAL's Project, this MC15J F-PYIJ flew on 31 July 1997. It was equipped with 2 JET Cobra jet engines.

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Mini M C15 J Charmont


Nicolas CHARMONT's MC15J F-PZPR flew a few months after Yves Duval's cricri. It was equipped with 2 AMT Olympus jet engines.

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Mini M C15 J Bonnaire


Dominique BONNAIRE's project, this MC15J made its first flight on May 5, 2011. It was equipped with 2 Jetcat P200-SX jet engines.

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Mini M C15 J Sakkie


Sakkie VAN HEERDEN's project, it made its first flight on September 22, 2015. It is equipped with 2 PBS TJ-20 jet engines.

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