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Proairsport Glowfly

Glowfly is the brainchild of ProAirsport, established in 2013, with the goal of creating a light aircraft that combined a compact turbine and wheel-driving electric assist. The driving goals were to enable simplicity of operation, self-sufficiency, and lower cost.

Hybrid Power

Small jet turbines cannot accelerate quickly enough to provide a reasonably short take-off. To supplement turbine thrust they are electrically driving the main wheels to provide the initial sprint needed to quickly reach take-off speed. Once at flying speed the turbine can efficiently power the climb away.

Jet Turbine

Small turbines are compact and light weight with few moving parts and low vibration when compared to reciprocating engines. A fixed engine installation removes all of the weight and complexity inherent in retractable petrol engine and propeller systems.

Turning the engine on (and off) is a simple automated procedure. A small airscoop is all that opens (and closes), the engine itself remains inside the fuselage, so in flight the turbine can be turned on and off easily with glide performance little affeced

Electric assist

The high-torque brushless motor (image of motor at left) is a standard unit customised for the use profile and with a purpose built controller from the motor manufacturer for true technical compatibility.

The motor provides the initial pre take-off sprint, quickly accelerating the aircraft to flying speed. The short peak output for the sprint means required battery capacity is minimised reducing weight and cost.

Electrically driven wheels also provide for taxi capability before take-off and after landing – without running the turbine.

Glowfly Technical data

TypePlaneur à dispositif d'envol incorporé
1er vol  
Nb. construits1


Poussée unitaire  392 N88.2 lb st
Moteur électique  7kW 


Envergure13,5 m26.3 ft
Longueur6,3 m22.0 ft
Hauteur mft
Surface alaire m² sq ft

Masses (estimées)

A vide180 kg397 lb
Equipage80 kg176 lb
Carburant & huile30 kg66 lb
Maximale290 kg639 lb

Performances (estimées)

Vitesse maximumkm/hmph
Vitesse de croisièrekm/hmph
Vitesse ascensionnelle m/min ft/min
Plafond pratiquemft
Vitesse d'atterrissagekm/hmph
distance de décollagemyds