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The Cobra turbojet was designed by D. James and J. Walls and built by James Engineering Turbines Ltd (J.E. T). Originally it was not an engine intended to propel an airplane, but its performances were so interesting that it was chosen to equip Yves Duval's MC15J cricket. It will be used after on many radio controlled models.

It ceased to be produced in 2004

J.E.T Cobra Technical data

ManufacturerJames Engineering Turbines Ltd
Initial testing1997
TypeCentrifugal-flow turbojet
Nb. built


Diameter197 mm5.12 in.
Length with nozzle444 mm7.76 in.


Not equippedg oz
equipped3100 g 109.34 oz

Performance Ratings

Max RPM105.000 rpm
Idle RPM33.000 rpm
Thrust at max226 N50.70 lb
Thrust at IdleNlb
Pressure ratio3 / 1
Max flow0,31 kg/s

Fuel Consumptions

At max rpm0,8 kg/N/Hr28.2 fl oz/N/h
At idle rpmkg/N/Hroz/N/h