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Ventus 2cM

Appearing before 2007, this Ventus 2cM is one of the first jet gliders powered by Mini-turbojet (whose role was until that time dedicated to radio-controlled models of aircraft).

The installation including the two JetCat P160 Turbojet engines weighed only 50 kg, including fuel. In comparison, a 2-stroke engine with its retractor system weighs 80 kg.

With the power of the two P160 the Ventus has a take-off distance of :

  • 250 m at an AUW of 400 Kg
  • 370 m at an AUW 500 kg.

Climb rates are 900 and 700 fpm respectively and single engine climb is 300 and 200fpm.

50 litres (40Kg) of jet fuel will give a 2000 ft launch and a 250km retrieve.

These performances are surprising when it is known that on gliders equipped with more powerful turbojets, most are used only for lift and especially not for takeoff.

Ground run is a little longer than a piston Self Launcher.

Extending the engines increases drag by only 5%, less than 50% of the piston self launcher.

Engines can be started and idled on joining the circuit, which provides go-round capability.