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TJ-42 M&D Flugzeugbau Turbojet engine

Around the world, a number of projects have used small gas turbines for propulsion of gliders. They usually come from the world of micro-turbines for radio controlled aircraft, and are not certified.

Since April 2008, M & D Flugzeugbau is a gas turbine development company for gliders or  powered sailplanes, certified by EASA.

TJ-42 has been studied to provide the perfect balance between optimum climbing and rapid cruising. Pilots can choose between climbing at two metres per second at 135 km/h and a solid 200 km/h cruising speed.

The jet engine requires no aviation fuel. Instead, it’s fuelled by regular diesel.

TJ 42 Technical data

ManufacturerM&D Flugzeugbau
Initial testing 
TypeSingle-shaft turbojet
Nb. built 


Diameter164 mm6.5 in.
Length overall425 mm16.3 in.


Dry3.65 kg8 lbs
Propulsion system15 kg33 lbs


Max RPM97 000 t/mn97,000 rpm
Idle RPM30 000 t/mn30,000 rpm
Thrust at max RPM420 N94.4 lbs
Thrust max continuous350 N78.7 lbs
Thrust at idle RPMNlbs
Pressure ratio / 1 
Max Flow/slbs/sec
Max continue EGTdeg.Cdeg.F


Specific fuel consumption 1,3 l/min