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FLS Microjet (BD-5J)

FLS Microjet (Flight-Line-Series) is an improved version of the BD-5J. It has been designed and marketed as a kit by BD-Micro Technologies (BMT). Most of the components conform to the original Bede specifications, but many improvements have been made by BMT.

The first Microjet built from a FLS kit, and having flown, was Justin LEWIS's N60LC (Oklahoma City, USA). The construction was conducted between 2003 and 2010. Due to the complexity of the project, it was continuously monitored by BMT. The first flight, Justin at the controls, took place on January 27, 2011. The flight tests were completed on May 5, 2011. Justin has regularly presented his plane in aerial meetings (in the USA) since the summer of 2011.

FLS Microjet technical data

Kit ManufacturerBD-Micro Technologies
TypeLight sport Jet
First flightJanuary 2011
Nb. built>= 4

Power plant

Max ratings 127 kg280 lbs


Span5,18 m17 ft
Length4,57 m15 ft
Height1,52 m5'9"


Empty195 kg430 lbs
Useful Load (average)kglbs
Fuel capacity133,5 l30 US Gal.
Max. permissible 390 kg860 lb


Vne - Max. speed515 km/h320 mph
Vno - Max. speed in ope. km/hmph
Vs - Stall speed108 km/h67 mph
Max. rate of climbm/sft/min
Service ceilingmft
Max Range370 km200 nm
Best gliding ratio  
Landing distancemft
Take off distancemft
G limits+6 GS-GS


The integration of the turbojet engine was specially designed for the FLS. It uses the PBS TJ-100 in its 265/280 lb of thrust version. This compact, lightweight turbojet, incorporating a modern FADEC, offers a good power to weight ratio.

This integration, called the Quantum Turbine Powerplant System, was done with the help of PBS, which led to the development of several engine safety features. PBS TJ-100 seems to be the main alternative for the replacement of old Microturbo TRS-18.

FLS Microjet Built

N60LC #001

In July 2011, was formed the team Lewis & Clark Performance, intended to promote in meeting the FLS Microjet.

US Navy pilots Justin Lewis and Tom Lunsford demonstrate in the US Airshow the high performance and aerobatic capabilities of their aircraft.

N78FS #006

This Microjet is serial number 6. Stefan Maldonado is its builder, pilot and owner. It was built in one year by the Stefan, under BD-Micro Technologies assistance. 

The first flight took place in September 2013. The pilot training was conducted under the supervision of Justin Lewis.

N358BV #007

This Microjet is serial number 7. Bernard J Gamache is its builder, and the owner is Lupa Linn Adventures LLC (Yakima, Washington).

The first flight took place in 2016/2017. The aircraft was present at Air Venture 2018. He was one of the  Lindy Award winners in the Kit Outstanding Workmanship category

N456LD #008

This aircraft is Serial number #8 in the series and was built by L. D. Jeffries with the help and on-site support of the BD-Micro support team. 

The first flight, took place on April 24, 2017, with Justin Lewis at the controls. 

L.D. Jeffries and his Microjet named "Lil Devill" flew for the first time together at the end of June 2017.  Now he use the aircraft for performing in air shows across North America