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Berkut Jet

The Berkut is descended from the Rutan Long-EZ, with the primary differences being retractable main landing gear, dual canopies, and molded fuselage, strakes, and spar.

Like the Long EZ, the Berkut carries 2 people in tandem seats. The front seat occupant has access to all instrumentation and controls. The rear seat, normally holding the passenger, is equipped with a side stick and throttle, but no rudder pedals, brakes, or instruments.  Aerodynamically only minor changes were made.

Berkuts are equipped with a Lycoming piston engines with a power of 180-260 hp. These machines can reach speeds of up to 400 km/h.

This Berkut jet was built by Jerrold Jorritsma and was re-engineered with a GE T58 turbojet. With such an engine, it can easily exceed 500 km/h. The Berkut jet has full wet wings for Jet-A1. Jerrod installed some special speedbrakes. The aircraft first flight was in 2006

Unfortunately, it was severely damaged during a forced landing following an engine failure in Loveland, CO, on May 9, 2010.