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AMT Titan

The Titan has been constructed from a single radial compressor and an axial flow turbine stage.

AMT Titan technical data

Initial testing2007
TypeCentrifugal-flow turbojet
Nb. built


Diameter147 mm5.8 in.
Length385 mm15.1 in.


Not equipped3645 g8.0 lbs
Equipped5211 g11.5 lbs


Max RPM96 000 t/mn96,000 rpm
Idle RPM t/mnrpm
Thrust at max RPM392 N88.2 lb
Thrust at idle RPM13 N2.9 lb
Pressure ratio3,8 / 1
Max Flow660 g/s1.46 lbs/sec
Max continue EGT850 deg.C1562 def.F


Consumption1020 gr/min36 oz/min
Specific fuel consumption43.3 gr(KN*sec)1.53 lb(lb*hr)

The time required for the Titan to spool up and down is also positively influenced by the low mass of the axial turbine wheel, taking less than 4 seconds from min. to max. rpm and only 3 seconds from max. rpm to min. rpm.

The combustion chamber is of the annular type, which is fitted with a unique "low pressure" fuel system. Both the front and the rear hybrid bearings are lubricated and cooled by the fuel system, and therefore the motor requires no separate lubrication system or oil tank.

The turbine is protected from misuse and accidental damage by means of a microprocessor based controller (ECU) which regulates operation of the engine within pre programmed software limits. The ECU is fully automatic and needs no adjustment by the operator.

Starting method Direct kerosene starting gasturbine, on request propane start.