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The “Duo Discus ” is a two-seat sailplane for advanced training and crosscountry flying, constructed from carbon and glass fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP/GFRP), featuring a T-tail (fixed horiz. stabilizer and elevator). It replaced the Janus.

Before first flight : Duo discus and Turbine. Source : Aerokurier. Photo & Copyright: Klaus Meitzner

Klaus Meitzner, who contributed significantly to the revitalization of the jet glider flight, and participated in the design of the retractable jet propulsion system PSR, equipped the Discus duo of his Hoya club with a turbojet. It is a 400N Titan from AMT Netherlands equipped with a kerosene start-up procedure.

The engine installation benefited from the experience and authorizations acquired with the Draline PSR T01 system of 230N, which is now used by different models of glider.

All of Draline's PSR T01 safety features have been resumed. The instrumentation is also identical.

The installation of the retraction system in the fuselage of the duo Discus has been designed in such a way that a minimum distance of at least 4.40 m between the engine and the rudder can be respected. It allows a maximum power operation of the Titan of 400N, by limiting the temperature on the rudder at 50 ° C (45 ° C measured)

Klaus Meitzner complète le test du duo Discus jet avec la turbine 400 n comme un succès complet. SOURCE Aerokurier. Photo & Copyright: Meitzner
Duo discus with its AMT Titan jet engine in operation. Source : YouTube.