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JSX-2 Subsonex general overview

This second-generation aircraft represents the customer version of the SubSonex Personal Jet. JSX-2 was designed to be an affordable yet featurepacked, easy to fly kit jet aircraft, JSX-2 incorporates many new features and enhancements over the original proof of concept prototype.

Sonex Aircraft has completed the initial series of flight tests of the SubSonex JSX-2 personal jet, flying the diminutive single-seater for the first time on July 10, 20014 from the company's home base in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

The production version features a larger cockpit and instrument panel, retractable landing gear, a BRS full-aircraft recovery parachute, more fuel capacity and removable wings.

Larger cockpit

SubSonex JSX-2 features a larger cockpit vs. the JSX-1 proof-of-concept aircraft, as well as greatly 59” improved aesthetic lines.

Retractable landing gear

SubSonex kits feature fully retractable gear with steerable nosewheel and hydraulic brakes.

JSX-2 Characteristics

ManufacturerSonex Aicraft
TypeLight personal Jet
First flightJuly 2014
Nb. built>= 10

Power plant

Max ratings  (E3S)117,25 kg258.53 lbs


Span5,49 m18 '
Length5,03 m16 ' 6 "
Areas5,57 m²60 ft²


Empty226,8 kg500 lbs
Useful Load (average)226,8 kg500 lbs
Fuel capacity151,5 l40 US Gal.
Max. permissible 472 kg1040,5 lb


Vne - Max. speed463 km/h287.7 mph
Vno - Max. speed in operation 386 km/h240 mph
Vs - Stall speed93,3 km/h58 mph
Max. rate of climb8,15 m/s1600 ft/min
Service ceilingmft
Max Range665 km412 miles
Best gliding ratio  
Landing distance610 m2000 ft
Take off distance365 m1200 ft
G limits+4.4 GS-2.2 GS

SubSonex SN JSX0001 - N141SJ

Bob Carlton, test pilot for Sonex Aircraft, has completed the initial series of flight tests of the SubSonex JSX-2 personal jet, flying the diminutive single-seater for the first time on July 10, 20014 from the company's home base in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, 

The initial goal of the flight test program was to evaluate the systems, flight controls, gear and overall aircraft geometry, and handling through moderately high speeds, all of which were accomplished during three flights.


SubSonex SN JSX0002 - N241SJ

The skies over Oshkosh were once again filled with tiny jet noise on the afternoon of October 7th, 2015, as the JSX-2 worldwide fleet doubled with first flight of SubSonex N241SJ. 

John Monnett took the sister ship of #1 JSX-2 prototype N141SJ for a short flight, which was uneventful and successful.

SX-2 # 2 serves as Sonex's Oshkosh-based SubSonex factory demonstrator and incorporates all the latest changes to the SubSonex design.

SubSonex SN JSX0003 - N798LL

Redge Greenberg (Durango, CO), made the first flight of SubSonex SN JSX0003 on October 15th 2015, as N346RG.

Redge's subsonnex was the first customer-built SubSonex Personal Jet to fly. The plane was later sold to Tom Larkin (Brighton, CO) and registered as N798LL.

The JSX0003 has been modified to allow aerobatics, and repainted to be presented by Tom as the "star" of MINI JET AIRSHOWS

SubSonex SN JSX0004 - N458V

John R. Murphy's SubSonex was completed in November 2016 after 22 months of building, and it was the 3rd customer-built SubSonex to fly. 
As John couldn't decide on the paint scheme, he used a different scheme on each side.
John's flight training was accomplished at Desert Aerospace by Bob Carlton, Billy Hill, and designated pilot examiner Bob O'Haver.
A BRS emergency parachute is installed along with an MGL Avionics. A belly-mounted video camera allows to watch the landing gear go up and down.


SubSonex SN JSX0006 - N465JC

John Corneal of Petersburg, Pennsylvania SubSonex SN#6 flew for the first time on April 20th 2017

The flight lasted 40 minutes. The flight consisted of 10, 20, & 30 degree banks, slow flight in both clean and landing configuration, climbs and descents, and a simulated go around,  followed by a return to the airport for a go around and landing. 

John spent a lot of extra time on a meticulous show-plane build of his serial number JSX0006 SubSonex Personal Jet and his work paid off at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2017 where he earned the Bronze Lindy for his workmanship.

SubSonex SN JSX0007 - N13MB

On Friday December 2nd, 2016, N13MB flew for the very first time. With Bob O’Haver at the controls, he departed New London, Ct, (GON) at 7:45 am. The initial flight was just over 30 minutes. Bob conducted some stalls, and slow flight followed by a low approach over the field. Shortly after 9:30 am, and a pre flight briefing, Andrew jumped in for a 35 minute flight over the Long Island Sound.


SubSonex SN JSX0008 - N94DE

March 2018, KEN HOLLRAH, Fairmont, OK, had his first taxi tests of the experimental SubSonex jet S/N JSX0008 that he was building.

Ken made some modifications, such as on the brakes or on an added kickstand to compensate for the need to place a saw horse under the tail or sandbags in the nose if there is no pilot in the cockpit .

008 made its first flight on August 12 2018, Ken climbed to altitude and performed a few basic maneuvers along with several approaches to stall at various flap settings.

SubSonex SN JSX0011 - N231LK

Tony Nerad (a former Harrier pilot) of Fairfax Station, Virginia whose SubSonex (S/N JSX0011) flew for the first time on August 3, 2019.

“Flew great,” writes Tony. “Needs more runway than I was accustomed to [Tony is a former Harrier pilot], but once airborne handles well and has superb visibility. I’m enjoying flying it.” Gold Wings are on the way!

SubSonex SN JSX0021 - N958PD

SubSonex Serial #21 (N958PD) made its first flight out of the Dayton Valley Airpark in Nevada on the 24th of March, 2019. N958PD belong to Paul Dye, Kitplanes® Editor in Chief, retired as a Lead Flight Director for NASA’s Human Space Flight program, with 40 years of aerospace experience on everything from Cubs to the space shuttle.

The build took about four months, in total, including paint executed by airbrush master John Stahr.