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VariJet Project

Geoffrey's project is to re-engine his Varieze with a Turbomeca Palas

Geoffrey joined the SAAA (Sport Aircraft Association of Australia) in 1976 and built a Varieze (#2 in the air in Australia in Sept, 1979)

His second project was a one of a kind composite aerobatic aircraft : the Maverick which was undertaken with Graham Swanell. First flown in December 1987.

The Varieze is now undergoing a rebirthing with turbojet power.

Varieze VHN-DED : 1980, Geoff and Bert Rutan. Source : Airsport Magazine, October 2014
2011 : First tests for the installation of the turbojet engine. With courtesy of Geoffrey Danes
Palas #99 on the Varijet. With courtesy of Geoffrey Danes

The aircraft made its first run tests

With courtesy of Geoffrey Danes