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CMC Leopard II

CMC, Chichester-Miles Consultant Ltd 

The 001 prototype featured two low-power NPT301 turbojets from Noel Penney Turbines (NPT) Ltd. in Coventry, England. The converted missile engines were intended solely for the 001, and NPT was slated to develop new engines for the final version of the aircraft. But when NPT went bankrupt, the entire Leopard project was delayed for one year until CMC teamed up with Williams International Corp., Walled Lake, Michigan.

Williams developed the FJX-1 engine for CMC's first production-configured aircraft the 002, built at the Designability R&D Center in Dilton Marsh, England.

Rated at 540 lb-thrust, the FJX-1 had more than twice the power of the NPT301. That was okay for the 002, but it was not quite enough for the final Aircraft.

CMC Leopard B - Technical data

ConstructeurChichester-Miles Consultant ltd
TypeFour-seat ligth business aircraft
1er vol 9 april 1997
Nombre construits1


TypeTwo-shaft Turbofan
Poussée unitaire245 kgp540 lb st


Envergure7,16 m23.5 ft
Longueur7,54 m24.7 ft
Hauteur2,06 m6.8 ft
Surface alaire10,18 m²109.5 sq ft


A vide862 kg1,900 lb
Carburant & huile367 kg810 lb
Maximale1 156 g2,550 lb
Charge alaire197,9 kg/m²40.54 lb/sq ft


Vne - Vitesse maximum556 km/h345 mph
Vno - Vitesse de croisièrekm/hmph
Vitesse ascensionnelle à Vne 1900 m/min6,430 ft/min
Vitesse ascentionnelle à Vno631 m/min2,070 ft/min
Plafond pratique16 765 m55,000 ft
Range max Payload2 778 km1,726 miles
Range max reduced Payload3 547 km2,204 miles
Vitesse de décrochage156 km/h97 mph
Distance de décollage (15m)727 m2,385 ft