Noel Penny NPT 301

NPT 301 Turbojet
NPT 301 Turbojet
Eclaté d’un NPT 301. Source : Jane’s all the world’s Aircraft 1991-1992

Conçue par Noel Penny, la famille des NPT 301 a été développée pour équiper des drones réutilisables, et des engins cibles nécessitant une puissance de 130 à 150 Kgp.

NPT 301-3/4

Cette version a été spécialement développée pour équiper le CMC Leopard qui a fait son premier vol en janvier 1989.


CMC Leopard I

le CMC Leopard I est un jet d’affaires léger de haute performance conçu par M. Ian Chichester-Miles, ancien ingénieur en chef de la division Avions de British Aerospace à  Hatfield (dans le Hertfordshire),via sa société Chichester-Miles Consultants (CMC)....

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Noel Penny

Noel Penny
Noel Penny

Noel Penny has died aged 87.

He designed 3,000 gas turbine engines for automotive, aerospace, marine and industrial machinery which are still used around the world today.

One of ten siblings and a former Coventry Technical College student, Noel stayed in the city all his life and still holds 34 British patents as well as 258 worldwide.

After the war Noel worked as a scientist at the Atomic Energy Authority before moving to the Rover Company in 1952.

He worked his way up to become chief engineer at Solihull-based Rover Gas Turbines in 1958 where he was responsible for the gas turbine racing cars which competed at Le Mans in 1963 and 1965.

He was head-hunted by the Leyland Corporation in 1966 to set up a new company called Leyland Gas Turbines. But when the parent company unveiled plans in 1971 to relocate Leyland Gas Turbines out of the area – from Solihull to Lancashire – Noel tendered his resignation.

A year later he set up Noel Penny Turbines in Siskin Drive, Tollbar End.

Noel Penny Turbines eventually went into receivership in 1991 and the rights to his key turbine technologies sold off to the highest bidder.

Noel went on to mentor many promising engineering students as well as publishing 34 international papers and lecturing in 12 countries.

Source : Coventry Telegraph, 10 JUN 2013