Continental J402-CA-700

The Continental J402-CA-700 is a small short lyfe-cycle turbojet engine developed in the 1970s for missiles and target drones.

Continental J402-CA-700
Teledyne CAE J402-CA-700. Source : Aviation week, 1982. Teledyne publicity

20 years after CAE’s entry into the aircratf gas turbine business with the highly successful J69 engine family, the company began the development of what became its second most important family : the J402 series. In 1972, following a competitive evaluation, CAE received a contract from the navy to develop the J402-CA-400 engine to power the McDonnel Douglas Harpoon (AGM-84A), an anti-ship cruise missile.

During the early 1970s, the J402-CA-700 (CAE Model 372-2A)  engine was selected to power the Beech MQM-107 Streaker Variable-speed Targer Vehicul (VSTT). These target drones were not one-time-use vehicles like the Harpoon missiles were, so the lifetime of the engine had to be extended from 1 hour to 15 hours. To accomplish this, the turbine temperature was reduced, as well as the rotational speeds. A new starter system was included to give the engine the ability to restart. The result was an engine that was slightly less powerful (640 lbf vs 660 lbf).


BD-5J J402

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