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Messerschmitt Me P 308 Jet-Taifun

Paris 1963. After extensive market research Messerschmitt presentes three new aircraft projects in model form. The first (the one we are talking about here) was the Me P-308 Jet-Taifun, a 5/6-seat executive and training aircraft with two Turbomeca Marbore turbojets.

The makers state: "The direct operating costs per flight mile and passenger are about 50 per cent higher than with two engine propeller-type aircraft when based on the same flying distance; the flying time, however, is only about half. In comparison with today's jet-touring aircraft the direct operating"

Perfomances calculées

Vitesse de croisière 780 km/h
Vitesse d'atterrissage 160 km/h
Passage des 15 m650 m
Plafond sur 1 moteur8000 m
Autonomie2000 km

Dimensions et poids

Envergure  8,56 m
Longueur7,78 m
Surface Alaire   11,00 m²
Poids total2 370 kg
Charge Alaire215 kg/m²

source : Aviation magazine, 15 mai 1963