AMT Lynx

The AMT Lynx is a direct « spin-off » of the successful Nike engine manufactured by AMT Netherlands. The engine is constructed around a single, fully in house CNC machined, radial compressor wheel and an axial flow turbine stage. The Lynx engine owns most of its excellent performance and power/weight ratio because of its revolutionary design diffuser stage similar to the Nike engine.

AMT Lynx. Source : text and picture are from AMT Netherlands

Starting system.

The Lynx engine is manufactured with an dual internal igniter system which allows a relaiable fully automatic start.

Starting method : Direct kerosene starting gasturbine.


A other feature used within the Lynx engine are the 2 internal EGT sensors, these 2 induvidual monitored EGT sensors (both a real Tt5) have both a small diameter of 1.5 mm, because of this small diameter there is a fast EGT response time possible. The result of this fast EGT response time is a short start up time of less than 45 seconds.


This engine will find its use in large UAV high speed target drone applications, experimental aircraft, universities, sound studies, full size gliders and many more applications.

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